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I deeply thank you for giving me some of your time to discover my photographic world. Please, have a seat and make a trip to lands which are... under your eyes : the everyday life.

There are 405 photographs on this website.

Last news by my side

In Quebec...

Here are some new photographs shot in Quebec last summer. I hope you will enjoy them because it is just a beginning.

See you!

Spanish eyes...

This time, you will discover four new photographs shot during our trip to Andalousia, only some kilometers close by Morocco and jbel Musa, brother of Jabal Tariq, Rock of Gibraltar.
To be continued...

Some (old) new photographs

Here are several new photographs shot mainly in Britany during summer.
I hope you will enjoy them and see you soon for a new film !

(Re-)Discover photographs...

Let's discover 5 new photographs I shot two years ago in the streets of Paris during a walk with a friend of mine who is also a photographer.
I did'nt see these photographs before and it was really great to discover them for the first time, two years after I shot them. This is a strange feeling...

In My Last Pictures section, you will see again all the photographs I have published on my website since the beginning of 2011.

Have fun and see you soon !

To the Louvre !

Let's discover four new photographs. Among them, you will discover an incredibly rare animal... the mosquito-horse ! Well, see it to make your own idea.
I am going to keep on exploring my films.
See you soon !

Hey, I am back again

Here are some new photographs taken during 2009.
I am going to show you a kind of photogaphs that I truly enjoy : photo-graphical !
Let's play with light, lines, curves and films to read our own reality.
Enjoy it !

See you soon

Is there still someone ?

Hi ! Unbelievable but I'm still among the world of photographers !
After a (very) long time of silence, let me introduce you my new pictures. There are only a few of them by now but don't worry because, if I didn't send you any news during more than a year, I did shoot new photographs. They are only waiting to be scanned to show you my world !
Please enjoy them and come back soon, I will show you new photographs !

See you

Guestbook is back !

Guestbook is back. You will have to validate your post before sending it.
See you very soon... for photographs this time !

2010... Happy New Year !

My dear guests, I wish you a very happy new year. May this year be full of happiness and joy for all of you.
And I hope I will find very quickly some time to scan new photographs and share them with you. I do not forget you...
Because of hard spamming of my guestbook, I have to "close" it for a while. I hope I will activate it again very quickly !

All my best wishes for this new year !

Thank you so much, Mister Ronis...

Willy Ronis passed away yesterday. What sad news !
He was 99 and surely one of the greatest photographers.
His work was so fine and so pure. His photographs were so real and so humane.
See you Mister Professor. I hope I will meet you again...

Tonnerre de Brest !

Here are some new photographs taken during the event Brest 2008 which is one of the biggest meeting for boats in the world. A lot of nations were there, and a lot of boats too !
Enjoy them, and some new other photos will be published soon.
See you !

Photographs shot in Nimes

Here are seven new photographs shot last summer in Nimes, in the south of France. You will discover the streets of Nimes, but also its famous arena !
Enjoy these and have a great Easter !

B&W... and colours !

Brand new photographs are issued ! And this time, you can see 6 new photographs in colours ! They were shot during a trip in Layon, a French area near Angers.
You will see new b&w pictures too. These pictures were shot last month during a week-end spent in Deauville/Trouville.
A lot of films are still to come, so don't go too far ! ;o)
See you very soon !

This is the end !

Here are my last photographs shot in Rome one year ago. You are going to discover 12 new B&W photographs taken in Rome (Coliseo, streets, fountains, etc.).
Don't worry, a lot of photos are still waiting for being published on this website, only for your eyes !
See you soon !

New photographs on board !

14 new photographs about our journey to Rome, shot last year.
This time, you will discover Forum and ancient stones... Let's make a 20 centuries leap in time !
Thank you to all people who visited this new version and sent me their feelings about it, and also thank you to shy people ! ;o)
Write me a note in the guestbook, it will be a real pleasure for me !
See you soon for new photographs of Rome...

A brand new website !

Finally, it comes ! This is a brand new version of my website with more contents, especially a new section where you can discover randomly my photographs.
You will also find new sections finally translated into English.
I have posted new photographs I shot in Rome, several months ago. Other photographs are coming, so be back soon !
See you !

A brand new website is coming...

So many times without any news... bad thing !
But don't worry, I will be back very soon, with a brand new version of this website, and especially a new section to see photographs, randomly...
See you very soon !

A new guest book

Here is the brand new version of my guest book.
Enjoy it !

So long, Oncle B.

Today, there will not be new photographs...
I just want to say goodbye, one last time, to my uncle Bernard who left us today... He belonged to the world of photographers and I will remember him with his SLR on his hands...
Gone too fast, and too badly, he gave me his camera last year. He used during several years this camera for his work. I think he wanted me to give a second life to his SLR... I hope I will give it this second life you wanted.
Now that you are surely into the photographers' heaven, be sure that you will always remain here as a little part of each photographs I will take.
So long, Oncle B...

Brand new scanner !

Few photographs taken last winter at Colmar, France, during the Christmas market (Marché de Noël, in french). A lot of photographs are waiting for being offered to your eyes, now that I have a brand new scanner.
Enjoy and see you very soon !

Happy new year 2008

For the very first, I wish you all a very happy new year 2008. All the best for you and your family !
I realize that I have not shared photographs with you since a very long time... I hope it will be different in 2008, and thank you all to keep on visiting my website...
These photographs were taken through streets of Pontoise, Val d'Oise, the city where I live now. Hope you will enjoy them and I will be back soon !
See you !


Enjoy my new photographs in colour taken during my last week-end in Normandy. New pictures in black & white will be available soon (I hope ;o) ).
Now, you can virtually visit my different exhibitions since they are online in the Exhibitions section (press articles will be also available online, but only in French...).
See you soon and take great pictures !

Happy new year 2007

I wish you all a very happy new year 2007 (i hope it is not too late) !
Enjoy the new black and white photographs. Most of them were in the exhibition at Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône last year.
See you soon and take great photographs !

To end the year

Here are my last photographs for 2006 ! Not as usual, they are colour photographs, taken at Florence, Itlay and at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. Enjoy them and see you very soon for other B&W pictures !
Have a great New Year's Eve !

A new vision !

After a (very) long waiting, here is the new version of my website, with mostly a new awy to show pictures. I hope that you will enjoy it ! Tell me what you think about it in the guest book, or by e-mail !
In the "new photos" section, you will find almost 20 new pictures and I will add others in the coming days.
The exhibition in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône was a success, with a lot of visitors. I thank everyone (you will find articles about it soon in the "exhibitions" section)
Enjoy the trip and see you soon !

This is just a goodbye

The exhibition in Eragny finished last month. Thank you to all the people who came to see my photographs. I am preparing the second exhibition in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône...
But before this exhibition, you can see my new photographs in the section just on your right,, the new photographs section. Don't worry, they will be followed very soon by more photographs !
Thank you and enjoy your holidays !


Here is the article published in l'Echo le Régional about my exhibition at Eragny (to download it, click right on the link below and Save as...). Unfortunately for my non-speaking french friends, it is only written in french...

read the article of l'Echo le Régional (619 Ko)

In local newspaper

Last week, I met a journalist (that I would like to thank here for her kind welcome) and an article about my work and my exhibition will be published next week on L'Echo Le Régional, a newspaper of Pontoise area. You could read it on line soon.
See you !

And now, exhibition !

Three months that nothing is new here. Silence is loud... But cheer up because I have several good news !
Firstly, as you might know, my website have a new address : www.julienperrot.com . I hope that this name will be easier to remember and simplier to find.
Secondly, the best piece of news : an exhibition about my work will be held in the Eragny-sur-Oise city hall, France, from may 6th to june 30th. 11 black and white photographs of mine will be presented. A special section will soon be created to show you these pictures in avant-première. If you are in the area by the time, come to see the difference between digital and paper versions... A second exhibition might be held in september, but I will tell you more about in several months...
Finally, I shot two films recently. So there will be new photographs very soon...
Thanks to all who visit my world and see you in the Internet, or in Eragny...


Once again, my dear internet provider have cut my internet connexion... help me ! But for the members, I have put several new photographs in the member section. And I hope that I will be very soon back with new photographs which you enjoy.
See you soon.

Happy new year !

I wish you a Merry Christmas... too late. So...
See you oon

Some new things...

One hour less, but more than ten b&w photographs added. You will find them in Photographs of Paris, Photographic meetings and Travelling sections (and of course in new photographs).
Pictures in the photographic meetings section are photographs of dummies in the windows of the store Le Printemps in Paris, so keep cool and don't be shocked...
Enjoy it and see you soon...

21 photographs...

Hi, it is already Christmas day ! Let's go to the new photographs section to see my twenty-one new pictures (both in b&w and in colour) !
Have fun and see you soon...

Finally !

New photographs are finally here! You could find them in all the sections, but I can tell you that there are 10 new b&w photographs.
It took me a lot of time but I think that you will enjoy them.
Other photographs in colour will be added soon...
Let's see them!

At least some new photographs !

More than a month without any news!!! What is happenning? Is my camera broken? No, don't worry. Everything is fine. I am still here, taking photographs. And don't go too far because there might be some new pictures very soon...

New Section !

A new section is open! To see my last phototgraphs (and not to be lost in the galleries), just go to "new photographs!", the button on the right. See you soon!

Welcome !

The English section is now open! A very warm welcom to our friends of Shakespear's tongue. By the way, I am really sorry for all the mistakes I am going to make. I wish I were fluent in English...