Few words about... me

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Photography has only one secret : practice. You have to take pictures again and again to work about your sight. Photography is only about patience. The sight is done by a several years of work, and also by looking at photographs of other people, and also at painting, drawing, etc.

I am very interested in painting. This art is an essential inspiration tank. I could only advise to look at paintings from "Impressionnistes" or from Flamish school, and many others (like Caravagio for example). For these people, light is one the main subjects, and even sometimes the only true one (thank you again, Maestro Monet...)

Photography can be seen as painting, sculpturing or engraving. Material is light. You have to write a moment, a story, a place, a character with it. I am not a complete photographer but what a huge pleasure I feel when photograph is appearing onto the white sheet in the laboratory. Magical is coming...

My beginnings...

I started taking pictures in 1998 during a trip to Ireland, a country which means a lot to me, for several different reasons... I took my dad's SLR.

Of course, first pictures were not all good... I had to learn about photography ! Because I was young, I started with colour films, closer to reality and what you directly see. However, I quickly tried black and white (B&W) films. Indeed, you can easily reach a world of poetry and dreams with it !

And now !

I didn't study photography into a shcool. Instead, I did scientific studies. But photography became a "shelter" when I was "drowning" into numbers and formula. Today, it is still the same. Photography stays my "shelter". Even if I have less time to shoot photographs, it will always be like this !

At the end of my college, I took a sabatical year to learn basis of photography, especially via a photography club at Pontoise. I want to thank them a lot for this ! I learnt a lot of things during this special year. I also tried B&,W laboratory. By now, I am working from these basis.

Today, I am not working into the world of photography because I want to keep it as a passion, without any financial concern. I make photographs after my work, according to my feelings...

I hope that I could give you a little piece of my sight, and of the poetry of this world with my passion. If you travel (even a little) with my photographs, I will be awarded !